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$15.00 180ML ● 6 fluid ounces

Benefits of Topical Spray Magnesium Oil

1. Reduce Pain

2. Relieve Stress

3. Repair Muscles

4. Reduce Hypertension

5. Reduce PMS Symptoms

6. Sleep Better

8. Treat Skin Problems

9. Migraine Relief

10. Reduce Hypertension

WHY TOPICAL? Skin is THE MOST EFFICIENT ORGAN and holds tremendous potential for re-mineralizing the body. There are 100’s of peer-reviewed medical studies examining the efficacy of magnesium in a wide range of health enhancing applications and skin is best... as oral methods are not absorbed well.

Magnesium (Mg) is the “Miracle Mineral.” Mg is absolutely essential for nearly 300 biochemical reactions that take place within our bodies. It is estimated that more than more tha 50+% of the global population is deficient in this key nutrient, leading to all manner of health issues from the mild to the catastrophic.

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